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Two newfies walked

Two newfies walked into a pet

store. The first says “I want four budgies.”
Salesman-certainly sir,
would you like two male and two female or
all male or all female?

Newfie-I don’t care. I just want 4 budgies!
sir, what color would you like? We have yellow,
blue, gr…
– I don’t care what color they are, just put four budgies in a
for me. Is that too hard?
Salesman – O.K. O.K.
The two newfies
pay for the budgies and leave. They drive out to this
high cliff in
Newfoundland and the first newfie reaches in the box and
pulls out
two of the birds, grasps them firmly and jumps off the cliff
flapping his arms. Of course he SPLATS at the bottom.
The second
newfie looks down at his friend’s twisted remains and says
“What a
shame. this budgie jumping isn’t all it’s cracked up to

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