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An old couple won the lottery

An old man and his wife; simple, salt of the earth folk, who never lived beyond their means, won the lottery.

Not wanting to lose their way with this sudden windfall, they decided to keep humble.

But as time went on, the husband wanted to treat his wife to expensive things – the things she always deserved but couldn’t give her. He remembered reading in a magazine about a new trend – milk baths – that were popular in the city, so he pointed his old truck towards the dairy farm down the road a ways.

He pulls up and the farmer greets him. “What can I do for you Amos?”

Amos says “Well you know, I’d been a reading bout these milk baths these fancy city folk been doing, and I’d like to buy enough milk to treat my wife to one. ”
The farmer scratches his head and asks “Ok, you want it pasteurized?”
“Nah just give me enough to get up to her knees she can splash it up from there.”


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