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Plane crashes

A plane crashes with an english man, a french man and a russian inside.

The plane crashes into the jungle, and the three men are found by a cannibal native tribe.

The leader of the tribe says to them: “If you pass the three challenges I assign you with, I’ll let you live. If you fail, we’ll eat you.”

The three challenges were:
Drink 1000 litres of wine
Pull a thorn out of the great lion’s foot
Have sex with the tribe leader’s 100 yr old mother.

The english man goes first. He barely drinks half the wine, and he passes out. He gets eaten
The french man is second. He drinks and drinks and drinks, but when he’s almost at the end, he passes out as well. They eat him as well.

The russian goes third. He drinks all the wine, and then he goes into the lion’s room.
Screams and roars are heard, and after about 3 hours, the russian man comes out with tons of scratches and injuries.

He says to the tribe’s leader:”Alright, where’s your mother so I can pull the thorn out of her foot?”

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