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Can’t remember

Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what i just said.When did you first notice this problem?What problem?

Fred Dingaling

Fred DingalingA local law enforcement officer stops a car for traveling faster thanthe posted speed limit. Since he’s in a good mood that day he decides to give the poor fellow a break and write him out a warning instead ofa ticket. So, he asks the man his name.”Fred,” he

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Broken leg

“How did it happen?” the doctor asked the middle-aged farmhand as he set the man’s broken leg.”Well, doc, 25 years ago…””Never mind the past! Tell me how you broke your leg this morning.””Like I was saying… 25 years ago, when I first started working on thefarm, that night, right after

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Constipation problem

Old Aunt Dora went to her doctor to see what could be done about her constipation.”It’s terrible,” she said, “I haven’t moved my bowels in a week.””I see. Have you done anything about it?” asked the doctor.”Naturally,” she replied, “I sit in the bathroom for a half- hourin the morning

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Not a foot

An extremely drunk man looking for a whorehouse stumblesinto a Podiatrist’s office instead and weaves over to thereceptionist.Without looking up, she waves him over to the examinationbed and says, “Stick it through that curtain.”Looking forward to something kinky, the drunk pulls out hispenis and sticks it through the crack in

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