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An unfortunate situation

A lovely young Jewish girl was employed by a clothing firm in NewYork.She and her widowed mother shared the same ambition: marriage to awealthy man. One day she returned from work, eyes red from crying. As soon as she entered the apartment she called, “MAMA, I’m pregnant!Don’t get excited. The father is my boss.” She began to sob uncontrollablywhile her mother tried to console her. The next morning, the mothercharged into the office of the boss. “YOU,” she shouted, “What’sgoing to be?”The elegantly attired man, handsome and unmarried and in his midthirties, held up his hand: “Please take a seat, Mrs. Horowitz. I’mmaking all the arrangements. Your daughter will have the best doctormoney can buy before the baby is born. She’ll be in the best hospital.And afterward, I am arranging for a trust fund for her where she willreceive a check for twenty five hundred dollars a week.” The mother wastaken aback and thought for a moment.”Tell me,” she said, “God forbid, she should have a miscarriage, will you give her another chance?”

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